Stephen Wishnack

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Steve Wishnack is the founder of Think & Do, an organization dedicated to improving customer relationships and cultivating customer loyalty.

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Steve holds both BA and MS degrees in Education from Brooklyn College.  Education and training have been at the core of Steve’s professional career. 

Among Steve’s clients are the U.S Postal Service, Hewlett-Packard, Johnson & Johnson, The Marriott Corporation, Fidelity Investments, The New York State Hotel & Tourism Association as well as Municipalities, Libraries and Library Associations nationwide, His library clients include The Missouri Library Network Corp., The NY State Library Association, The Houston Public Library, The Texas Library Association, The Georgia Public Libraries, The Louisiana and Florida Library Associations,

Steve has written articles on Customer Service for The Massachusetts Municipal Association, and has been a guest speaker for The American Library Association (ALA) and  The International Customer Service Association (ICSA).

Today, Steve’s energies are devoted to delivering Think & Do Customer Service Workshops, Webinars, and developing other online training programs.