Skill-Sharing Conversations: Curating Library-Created Videos

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Tuesday, September 14, 2021 - 10:00am

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LibraryLinkNJ Event

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Cataloging & Metadata
Collection Development


Online via Zoom



Skill-Sharing Conversations

Skillsharing Conversations are one-hour, virtual conversations on relevant library topics. Each conversation will follow an agenda and will be moderated by one of our talented colleagues, providing a great opportunity for the NJ Library community to learn and grow together. All LibraryLinkNJ members are welcome to attend.

Title:  Curating Library-Created Videos

Date & Time: Tuesday, September 14, 10am-11am

Moderator: Jonathan Upton, Library Catalog/Digital Content Support Specialist, Libraries of Middlesex Automation Consortium

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Description:  More libraries than ever are creating video content, but how can we organize, share, and preserve this work to make the most of it going forward?  Just as good collection development plans increase circulation traffic, organizing and curating video content increases online engagement.  Let's discuss our workflows and share our ideas to see what amazing things we can create!

Agenda:  The questions below can be grouped into three core areas:

  1. * figuring out what we're creating
  2. * using best practices when organizing it
  3. * putting it in the hands of users


What video (content) is worth sharing?  Categorizing content into three types: 'hero', help & resources, community building

What are your goals, and how will you measure success: increased metrics, sharing additional resources with patrons, getting creative and innovative?

What will/do you curate?  Your own content, that of other libraries, or other organizations?

Do you have an existing plan to re-purpose your content (beyond "ICYMI")?

Do you have workflow(s) to ensure proper permissions for public performance/streaming?

How will patrons find your videos?  Are you providing metadata (etc.) to help searchers find it?  Can you deliver it to them at points of need?

Do you want to permit external embedding, or downloading and sharing? Can you restrict those capabilities?

Given the brief shelf life of most video content (esp. tutorials where software/hardware is always changing), do you have a plan to replenish content?

How do you keep associated materials (downloads, resources, etc.) with the video?

How do you ensure consistency (e.g. branding, similar hosts and/or formats, regular schedules)?

Do you (sub)divide your content into different channels or areas? For example, a Library kids channel and an Adult channel.  Or a maker-space channel?

Are you making your video content accessible? (subtitles, transcripts, etc.)

Beyond reacting to the pandemic, how does video fit into your library's strategic plans?


Content Rules, by Ann Handley and C. C. Chapman
YouTube Channels for Dummies, by Rob Ciampa

Roberto Blake: What content to make on YouTube (YouTube)

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