Transparency is the New Black: New Literacies That Look FABULOUS On You

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Continuing Education - Webinar
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LibraryLinkNJ Program/Service Overview
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Especially designed for school librarians, with valuable insights for all practitioners!


Be daring and go transparent! Straight from the Paris & New York runways, it's time to be on-trend and change into that digital shift! 8 stunning ways to pump up your web presence and stand out from the crowd by being culturally literate, curation cultured, interweb savvy, and cloud computing friendly.  Advocate for your practice and our profession by embracing social media and start strutting your stuff. Having a hip web presence isn't showing off - it's sharing with the community! Gather ‘round, it’s time to make it work!

After participating in this webinar, you’ll be able to do the following - all at no cost and with minimal time invested:

  • Establish a presence for your school library media program on one of the eight services presented and enhance the work you’re already doing in those spaces;
  • Build cultural literacy into your daily teaching and learning practice;
  • Advocate for your students, colleagues, and your school library media program throughout the Internet.
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