Won't Someone Think of the Children?! Avoiding the Trap of Self-Censoring Materials and Services for Youth

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Continuing Education - Webinar
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Collection Development
Customer Service
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Librarians, Library Assistants and Library Associates serving children and teens

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Access to information and intellectual freedom the backbone of our profession, but sometimes we deny children and teens access in ways we might not even be aware of. Book banning gets a lot of press, but we also need to consider the more subtle, insidious forms of censorship that happen in our libraries every day. Join us for an honest, lively conversation including real-life examples of restricting access, gatekeeping and censorship from professionals in the field, as well as thought-provoking “what if” scenarios.


Learning Objectives:

After participating in this webinar, library staff will be able to:

  • Identify examples of censorship besides materials challenges, and explain how these types of censorship can have a negative impact on collections and programs for youth, and ultimately on youth, themselves.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of the children’s bill of rights, and the history of our perception of children’s rights and their need for protection.
  • Identify incidents of restricted access and censorship in their own work and viable alternatives to these practices.
  • Access and rely on a variety of resources for staying current on intellectual freedom issues, especially regarding children and teens.
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Registration for this webinar will open at 9 AM on Monday, May 12.