LLNJ Delivery - TForce Final Mile - Update #2

New Vendor for Statewide Delivery

LLNJ Delivery - TForce Final Mile

Update #2

May 1, 2018

Please share this with all staff involved with ILL/delivery.



New Circumstances:
What’s Happening This Week, Monday, April 30 - Friday, May 4

  • TForce will handle all item pickups and deliveries at participating libraries
    (Expak stopped delivering and picking up items on April 27.)

What Does This Mean for Your Delivery Staff?

Date What’s happening What library staff need to do:



  • We’re using our LLNJ delivery labels as of Monday, 4/30
  • You will no longer print labels from ExpakShip
  • Please use the LLNJ delivery labels for anything being picked up TForce
  • Attention: Libraries using JerseyCat: you cannot use JerseyCat labels as shipping labels for items being picked up by TForce

Started on Monday, 4/30


  • TForce is making both pickups and deliveries starting this week
  • We are using LLNJ daily Delivery Log sheets again. These were revised on Friday, April 27th. Please use the updated version
  • Label your pickups with the TForce labels
  • Print your Daily Delivery Log for April/May and post it in your delivery area
  • Note the number of pickups
  • N.B.: Your pickup time may change
  • Show the TForce driver where your pickups are
  • Have the TForce driver sign the Delivery Log

Starting Monday, 5/7


  • On 5/7, start using the TForce online delivery forms:
    • Problem Reports
    • Questions
    • Bin Requests
    • Plastic Bag Requests

6/1 - 6/10


  • LibraryLinkNJ will be collecting monthly delivery statistics (due by the 10th of each month)


Blue Bins:

  • The TForce depots need blue bins in order to sort and deliver materials
  • If your library has extra blue bins, please leave these for the driver to take. Label them with a sign marked “Please take”
  • If your library has a lot of bins, expect that it make take up to a week for drivers to take all of them

Insurance Claims:

  • Expak
    • LibraryLinkNJ’s contract with Expak allowed for payment up to $100 for loss or damage to materials in the care of Expak
    • Claims must be filed within 30 days of initial shipment. Claims must be filed with Expak by May 25, 2018
    • Please use the Expak Claim Form on our website
    • Claim forms should be submitted by the library that owns the missing or damaged material, no more than 30 days past the initial delivery to the borrowing library
    • When completing the Claim Form, please note the following specifics:
      • For library names, use the full, exact name shown on the ExpakShip dropdown list
      • Please do not use your library’s initials or any other form of the library’s name
      • When you submit the form, the information will be sent directly to Expak Logistics, with a copy to LibraryLinkNJ
    • If a visual will help strengthen your claim, upload a picture of damaged material within the claim form
  • TForce
    • As of Monday, April 30 lost or damaged items in transit are not covered by insurance. LibraryLinkNJ does not reimburse libraries for lost items.

New Online Forms:

  • We’ll provide access to the following new help request forms starting on Monday, May 7:
    • TForce Problem Reports
    • Library Closures
    • Bin Requests
    • Plastic Bag Requests


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