Call to Action

We continue to need your help to restore Library Network aid! If you live or work in one of the areas that are represented by the "Legislators Critical to Restoring New Jersey’s Library Network Funding", please contact the legislator or legislators by that correspond with your location and request that they support the relevant budget resolution:

  • Senate Budget Resolution 4150 sponsored by Senator Greenstein
  • Assembly Budget Resolution 4126 sponsored by Assemblywoman Reynolds-Jackson

Please continue to make calls as soon as possible. These identical budget resolutions restore Library Network funding to Fiscal Year 2024 levels. As proposed by Governor Murphy, the Fiscal Year 2025 Budget would reduce this funding by 20% or $860,000.00.

The most effective calls or messages are succinct, personal, and explain briefly how your community would be affected by these cuts. Please also provide the information that identifies the resolution (Senate or Assembly, the bill number, and its sponsor).

We have linked "FY 2025 Legislative Budget Resolution Request" to help you with ideas. This is not a form letter and it is longer than what will work best in your calls or messages. We encourage you to select an aspect of the story that is most important to your community to share with your elected officials.

Thank you!