How to Start a New NJLA Section

If you're an NJLA member searching for where you fit in the organization, don't forget that you can start a new NJLA Section at any time! Simply follow these steps:

  1. Email Email with the purpose and name of your proposed section.
  2. Distribute a petition, which will be provided to you by the NJLA office staff, to gather signatures from at least 15 members in good standing in support of your proposed section.
  3. Get approval from the NJLA Executive Board for provisional approval of your section, once you have the required 15 signatures.
  4. Start your section with a 2-year provisional period! This includes holding regular meetings, creating by-laws, and organizing an election for section officers.
  5. Become official by providing records of officers and bylaws at the end of your provisional period and requesting organizational status from the Executive Board.