Statewide Delivery - Fortnight Count

The LibraryLinkNJ (LLNJ) Delivery Task Force is preparing for the next LLNJ Delivery RFP and needs your help.

Each week day for a two week period in October (10/18 - 10/29), all participants (a participant is defined as a stop on a delivery route) within the LLNJ statewide delivery network will be required to count both the individual number of items sent out into the statewide delivery system as well as the number of small or large packages full of items all going to the same delivery point. A package could be a plastic bag with a handful of items inside or cardboard boxes containing dozens of items.

Example: if your site has 7 items individually packaged and addressed to 7 different libraries plus 15 additional items packaged in one box addressed to 1 library your item count would be 22 and your package count would be 8.

Please do not count the number of items or packages received from the LLNJ statewide delivery network or how many LLNJ blue delivery bins come or go.

Participation in this statistical count will help the Task Force determine the needs of New Jersey's libraries for at least the next year and provide prospective vendors with a more accurate representation of New Jersey libraries' delivery volume, which will hopefully keep costs in check. A coordinated spot check like this has never occurred state-wide and it will not be successful without your support.

Please use this printable tally sheet divided into days  to assist staff in organizing their tallies. At the end of the two-week period those daily tallies must be submitted to the LLNJ office by November 5, 2021, via the Fortnight Count Form below. You will need to submit this form once with the total numbers for each day of the two week period. 

Fortnight Count Form

This count does not replace the tally on your Monthly Delivery Log. Please continue to record your outgoing deliveries on Delivery Log and submit your statistics at the end of the month according to the normal procedure.