LibraryLinkNJ has a brand-new discount on Beanstack, an early literacy web service that engages families with young readers and facilitates your library's summer reading program. It starts with sending parents a weekly recommendation of a book and event at your local library, matched to each child's interests. Parents are also provided tools for building literacy. Read about Sacramento Public Library’s Beanstack launch in School Library Journal.

Used on a computer, smartphone, or tablet, Beanstack appeals to library users and non-users alike. 43% of Beanstack users are not initially cardholders, though Beanstack incentivizes library visits and membership throughout the web app.

Beanstack includes a summer reading module for all ages, featuring administrative tools that make it easy for your staff to track stats for each branch, redeem incentives, run raffles, and help patrons log their reading. Montgomery County Library (MD) switched to Beanstack for its summer reading program this year and saw a 27% increase in participation.

LibraryLinkNJ public library members receive 25% off list pricing. Libraries who commit to use Beanstack to manage their next summer reading program receive an additional 10% off.

Find full details on the discount page and sign up for a free webinar. This offer is valid through December 31, 2015.


Many NJ public libraries have taken advantage of the LibraryLinkNJ discount on the Pronunciator language learning service.

If you have patrons who are preparing to become U.S. citizens, Pronunciator's new course, ProCitizen, can help. With 100 instructional videos (all closed-captioned), plus drills and quizzes, ProCitizen guides the learner through all the civics and vocabulary they'll need to know for the Naturalization Test. ProCitizen is an included module in the Pronunciator language-learning database, but can also be launched directly from a web page. If you already subscribe to Pronunciator, you can start using ProCitizen now.

Learn how to access ProCitizen, link to it from your website and find graphics here.
Check out the Pronunciator discount page for complete discount details.