LibraryLinkNJ Website Updates

LibraryLinkNJ Website Updates [ posted on 10/15 ]

We are pleased to announce that our website upgrade has been successfully completed and the content freeze has been lifted. Please visit us and utilize our website - all interactivity has been restored!

Please note our upgrade includes a new forum email notification system, with a new email notification format that utilizes "LibraryLinkNJ Forum Post Notification" as the subject. All users are already subscribed to our "Announcements" forum, but action is required to update your forum email notification subscription if you wish to subscribe to additional forum topics. Please visit the Email Notification Subscriptions page on our website for details and instructions.

LibraryLinkNJ Website Updates [ posted on 10/13 ]

We would like to inform you that our website is back online! LibraryLinkNJ is pleased to announce that our website upgrade has been successfully completed, and the content freeze has been lifted. Please visit us and use the website -- all interactivity has been restored, except for online forums. Our website upgrade required that we install a new email notification system for our Forum postings. We are currently troubleshooting some issues with the new email notification settings. While our website is back online, our Forums are disabled until we fix this issue. As soon as we confirm that our new email notification system works properly, we will inform our membership with the instructions for you to reset your email notification subscriptions. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding. We might still have to make some tweaks in the background, and please let us know via email at lyu [at] if you notice or experience any issues while using our website.

LibraryLinkNJ Website Updates [ posted on 10/12 ]

Please know our website will go live this morning, and we will send out a follow-up announcement as soon as the website’s interactivity is completely restored. Thank you for your understanding and patience with us!

LibraryLinkNJ Website Updates [ posted on 10/8 ] 

As we shared with our members in our website content freeze announcement last week, LibraryLinkNJ has been diligently working to troubleshoot remaining issues with a major website platform upgrade this week.

We will update our website configuration this weekend, and we expect full website functionality will be back up and running by next Tuesday morning, October 12. We will send out a follow-up announcement to share updates, including our new forum email notification subscription setting instructions.

After our upgraded website goes live, we might see some issues and will continue to monitor and address them as they arise. We also plan to continue our efforts to improve our website so that we may better serve our members.

Thank you for your understanding and patience!

LibraryLinkNJ Website - Limited Accessibility [ posted on 9/30 ]

LibraryLinkNJ has been working on a major upgrade to our website backend platform, and we have scheduled our final migration for Friday, October 1, 2021.

Please know we are implementing a website content freeze starting at 10pm on September 30 until the new site is launched, in order to troubleshoot any major issues more efficiently if they arise. We expect this to be done by October 9 at the latest. If the updates are successfully completed as scheduled or earlier, we will notify the membership.

Here are lists of what you can or cannot do during the content freeze:

What you still CAN do --- you can continue to view the website content

  • Access all our program information
  • Continue to use the Delivery Label Generator for the statewide delivery service

What you CAN’T do --- you will not be able to add or change anything on our website, or log into your user account to:

  • Register for any programs, as online registration forms will be not working
    • You will be able to register for any programs after our website is back on
    • If you want to register for the following program, you will still have time to register. After Thursday, September 30, please email info [at], and we will hold a spot for you for this program.
  • Fill out any online forms, including all of the delivery service related forms.
    • If you need to report a delivery issue or have any concerns, questions, or requests related to the delivery service during this time, please email us via delivery [at]
  • Post a new online forum topic or comment
  • Update your active user account
  • Register for a new user account

As soon as the upgrade is completed, we will send out a follow-up announcement with further information. If you have any questions, please contact us at info [at]

Thank you for your understanding!


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