Set Your Email Notification Subscriptions for LibraryLinkNJ Forums

LibraryLinkNJ is pleased to announce that our website upgrade has been successfully completed, and the content freeze has been lifted. Please visit us and use the website -- all interactivity has been restored.

We might still have to make some tweaks in the background, so please let us know via email at Email if you notice or experience any issues while using our website.

We have installed a new forum email notification system with this upgrade. All users are already subscribed to the ‘Announcements’ forum.

ACTION: We ask you to update your forum email notification subscriptions if you would like to receive email notifications for the following forum topic postings:

  • Advocacy
  • Collection Development
  • E-Books
  • Funding, Fundraising, & Community Partnerships
  • Giveaways/Freebies
  • Job Postings
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Reference, Programming, & Customer Service
  • Staff Development & Training Technology
  • Other

Note: The LibraryLinkNJ Forums are a place where members can share comments, thoughts, ideas and experiences related to our work in libraries. This email subscription setting is for the online forum postings only. Users with an active user account will continue to receive our announcements via our mass mailing system, monthly newsletter, and weekly updates, unless you unsubscribe from our email communications.

We apologize for this inconvenience, but you only need to follow the four simple steps listed below.

How to Set up Forum Email Notification Subscriptions

  1. Log into your User Account.
  2. Click “FORUMS” on the top navigation menu bar.
  3. Click a forum you want to subscribe to, e.g. Advocacy, Job Postings, etc. (Note that you are already subscribed to ‘Announcement’ by default)
  4. Click the ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button under the forum page title.

That’s it! You will see the ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button is changed to ‘UNSUBSCRIBE’. Please repeat the steps listed above to subscribe to any forum you are interested in receiving email notifications for. You can also check your subscriptions by clicking the ‘Subscriptions’ tab on your ‘My Account’ page.

Subscribing to comments on forum posts:

  • With this new email notification system, only authors of forum posts will get comment email notifications for their own forum posts automatically. (Note: You will NOT get an email notification for their OWN Forum post or comment.)
  • When a user comments on a forum post they will have the option to receive notifications of replies. If they choose to get comment notifications, a second set of options will appear. These options are “All comments” and “Replies to my comment”.

Please know:

  • If you prefer not to receive email notifications for forum postings, you can always visit our website and check the forum postings and comments by clicking ‘FORUMS’ from the top navigation bar (Note: user login required)
  • In order to make a comment to a Forum post, please go to the ‘FORUMS’ page on our website, or use the Forum link that you receive inside the email notification. (Remember - You will need to log in to your User Account.)
  • Please DO NOT use the “Reply” button in your Outlook or any other email client to respond to a Forum posting. The email notification uses "Email" and your follow-up posting or comment will not be delivered.
  • Important Change: Please know the email notification format has been changed. All forum topic posting email notification will use the “LibraryLinkNJ Forum Post Notification” as the subject and the email body will list the details of the post, e.g. topic title, posted date, posting author, and actual content with link to its post page on the LLNJ’s website.

For more information about how-to use the forums, go to our Forum FAQ page

We will continue our efforts to improve our website so that we may better serve our members. Thank you for your understanding and patience!