September 14, 2016

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Social Media Snapshots is our regular round-up of all the best content from our social media channels, delivered right to your inbox. We encourage you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram, but if you don’t, you can rely on Social Media Snapshots to keep you up to date on developments in technology and libraryland -- here in NJ & around the country -- as well as fun things like photos you can share with your staff and patrons.

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Storytime Underground

“Where there is imbalance, giving equal weight to the privileged and the underserved does not create balance. If we are doing our jobs, we are providing the space and resources that our communities tell us what they need in order to thrive.” -- Storytime Underground's Cory Eckert on the resolute non-neutrality of libraries, in an editorial for School Library Journal. (See the image above

Bill Gates on the school librarian who changed his life: “Mrs. Caffiere took me under her wing and helped make it okay for me to be a messy, nerdy boy who was reading lots of books.” Of course, as we all know, school librarians are education's not-so-secret weapon!

The Library Freedom Project's Alison Macrina (a Jersey girl, herself) presents 5 steps towards protecting patron privacy.

Access matters for all US residents: the women’s jail at New York’s Rikers Island has opened its first-ever permanent public library.

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Facebook Groups are so valuable for learning, connecting, and sharing with colleagues. Here's another great one we've joined recently, Better Library Leaders.

Snapchat 101 for libraries: top tips from Cape May County Library's Alanna Graves. Pair this guide with a timely introduction to Instagram Stories vs SnapChat in a Nutshell.

Facebook has updated their Page design. Here are 5 tips for Page admins that’ll help you make the most of these updates.

The University of Iowa Libraries' Historical Crushes series on YouTube is exactly as charming & clever as you'd imagine.

Take better photos today with these handy tips from the 5-Minute Librarian. (See the image below)

8 Simple Photography Tricks

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Leadership wisdom directed at academics, and valuable for professionals in every library type: "Your primary job, in fact, is to stay sane enough to respond to the madness on your desk."

PLA's new Family Engagement Report (Image below) is all about the 5 Rs: Reach Out, Raise Up, Reinforce, Relate & Reimagine. 

Family Engagement Report

These book recommendation flowcharts from Literary Hoots make it so easy to help young readers find their next favorite read. If you offer Readers’ Advisory, you already know it’s a subtle art. Share this piece with your colleagues when they need bucking up. And when it’s time to review your collection, Angie Manfredi has some advice for what to do when you realize you’ve bought a racist book.

Major funding opportunities for outreach, health literacy & more are available for libraries of all types from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine.

Chances are good that you know a child or teen trauma survivor. Learn more about how you can help make the library a safe place for them.

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Gardner Sage Library

Feast your eyes on the most beautiful library in each US state! NJ's entry is the lovely Romanesque Gardner Sage Library at the New Brunswick Theological Seminary. (See the photo above)

We love these beautiful photos from the Cumberland County Library & Lowes Community Garden.

Joining the NJ Makers Group - on Google Groups and/or Facebook, puts you in touch with makers in libraries, schools, museums and more around the state.

If you're a fan of those mouthwatering food prep videos from Tasty, New Brunswick Free Public Library's video advertising their upcoming salsa event should be right up your alley.

Sparta Library has begun circulating a wide variety of non-traditional items including a popcorn machine, digital projector & a screen for an at-home drive-in movie theater experience. Kudos for the creative thinking!

A 1970 Playboy in Braille, Bob Dylan's poetry chapbook & more: all of these special collections items are amazing source material for posts on Instagram & content in your newsletters! Learn all the secrets of The Private Rooms of North Jersey's Public Libraries.

Jersey City's history is preserved in a massive postcard collection belonging to NJ librarian Cynthia Harris.

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