“I Love My Library!” What the Pandemic Has Taught Us About Customer Service

“I Love My Library!” is what we want our patrons to say when they use our library and it’s services. Delivering great service while navigating the restrictions and realities of a pandemic has forced libraries to rapidly change.  This program presents the basic elements of excellent customer service and how they help us continue to adapt and change, as we create and provide services in our ever evolving world. We will focus on how these elements apply to the lessons we have learned during this pandemic and how our libraries will move forward.  Great service is not only delivered by staff to the public. Perhaps even more importantly, it’s used to support and communicate with each other.

This is a different version of my "I Love This Place!: Practical Lessons in Customer Service" workshop. In addition to teaching some basic customer service, this workshop explores the impact of the pandemic on how libraries interact with and deliver services to customers.

Audience: Primary target audience is public library staff

Objectives: After this program, participants will be able to:

  •     Describe the elements of good customer service  
  •     Apply behaviors that ensure good customer service
  •     Use effective communication techniques
  •     Adapt and change to create new services

Length: Webinar - Delivered on your library's virtual meeting software as a webinar (90 minutes) or in your library as in-person workshop (3 hours).

Training Techniques & Activities Available: Trainer presentation, handouts

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Leadership, Team-Building and Customer Service
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