We would like to thank all members who have participated in the LibraryLinkNJ Professional Development Subsidy program in past years. As we work with our funding partners to reevaluate and refine services, we are unable to offer the Professional Development Subsidy program to member institutions in Fiscal Year 2025. We apologize for any inconvenience or impact this may have on members, and are exploring options to introduce alternative professional development services in the future.

We appreciate your understanding and support.


This service is for All Members of LibraryLinkNJ, The New Jersey Library Cooperative

LibraryLinkNJ Provides a Subsidy of Up to $500

Let us Help You Make a Difference!

Ongoing professional education is essential in the work lives of all staff members, and we want to make it as efficient and cost-effective as possible. We will subsidize up to $500 of the cost of one staff development workshop per year for member libraries.

Key Points:

  • Members are not limited to a specific menu of on-site training options. We provide a variety of suggested options for your convenience.
  • You may either choose a workshop from our Suggested Programs & Consultants List or work with other vendors/consultants.
  • There’s no minimum number of staff required to hold a program.
  • Libraries book programs directly with a vendor/consultant and are responsible for paying them directly, as well.
  • LibraryLinkNJ offers a subsidy of up to $500 for each approved subsidy request.
  • There is a limited budget for this service, so please submit requests early.
  • Subsidy requests must be made at least 4 weeks in advance of the date of the program.
  • A subsidy request must be made no later than Friday, April 19, 2024, and your LLNJ subsidized staff development program should be held by Friday, May 17, 2024. 

List of Suggested Programs & Consultants

You are not limited to applying your subsidy to the programs on this list. We provide this information as helpful suggestions.

Selecting Other Subjects and Vendors/Consultants

  • You are free to choose and develop your own training topic and vendor.
  • In addition, if you have a topic, an idea, a training need and need help finding someone, please call us! We will do our best to find possible vendors for you to consider and contact.
  • We are happy to work with you on any aspect of your staff development.

We encourage you to think broadly and creatively about learning experiences that will be mapped to your library’s strategic goals.

For all the details on how this service works, go to the How Does the Subsidy Program Work page.

If you have any questions, please contact us at Email.