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Infobase digital resources provide outstanding educational content for students and educators.  Our critically acclaimed databases are known for their unprecedented depth of coverage.  Written by experts and vetted by our editors, these resources fit any curriculum and library needs.  Visit the website and sign up for a FREE Trial to any or all of our resources and see how Infobase products can encourage learning, stimulate interest and engage students and patrons.  All subscriptions include:

  • Unlimited, simultaneous remote access
  • 24/7; 365 days per year access.  (Internet capability is needed for access)
  • iPad, android, and mobile friendly
  • Dynamic citations in multiple formats
  • Major educational standards (Common Core, State and National, and more)

View resource descriptions below.  You can also browse the 2016 Online Databases catalog.

General Reference Resources:

World Almanac for Kids:  Presents resources for homework, reports, and projects in a fun format while encouraging online research skills from a trusted source.  All new redesign and more content.  Expands on the contents of The World Almanac® for Kids print edition, along with other award-winning reference books from The World Almanac® and Facts On File. 

The World Almanac Online: Offers access to essential statistics on hundreds of topics in a searchable format with a wealth of content not available on anywhere else.

Chelsea House Biographies Online:  Features full-length biographies of contemporary and historical personalities from around the world along with useful resources for writing reports. 

Science Resources:

Today’s Science:  Bridges the gap between the science that students learn in the classroom and the discoveries pushing the boundaries of science today.                                    

Science Online:  Presents a broad range of scientific disciplines through extensive essays, videos, diagrams, definitions, biographies, and experiments.  A great place to start your science research. 

History and Social Studies Resources:

African American History Online:  Features thousands of cross-referenced entries, covering the entire spectrum of African-American history over the past 500 years.     

American History Online:  Spans more than 500 years of political, military, social, and cultural history to cover the American experience. 

American Indian History Online:  Offers fast access to more than 600 Native American groups and over 15,000 years of American Indian culture and history.                             

Ancient and Medieval History Online:  Presents the full scope of world history from prehistory through the 1500’s with special topic centers on key civilizations and regions. 

Modern World History Online: Covers the broad expanse of world history from the mid-15th century to the present, featuring thousands of documents, articles, timelines, images, videos, maps, and more! 

Issues & Controversies in American History: Builds a deeper understanding of how historical events have shaped our nation by exploring the key players and the battles they fought. 

Issues & Controversies:  Provides exclusive, extensive coverage of hundreds of today’s hot topics, with unbiased analysis and rich related resources.                                                    

World News Digest:  Authoritative world news coverage from 1940 through today, providing information, context and perspective.  

World Geography and Culture Online:  Facilitates the study of countries, U.S. states, places, peoples, and geography concepts and skills through a global approach.           

English and Language Arts Resources

Bloom’s Literature: Examines great writers, important works, memorable characters, and influential movements and events in world literature.  Harold Bloom’s expert works that represent his more than 50 years of literary criticism, articles, reviews and more. The must have resource for every English department and library. 

Writer’s Reference Center:  Provides the essential one-stop online reference for writers, with all the tools necessary to write and research effectively. 

Health and Wellness Resources:

Health Reference Center:  Clear and comprehensive information on conditions, diseases, health and wellness.  A good starting point for your research and information needs.  

Career Resources:

Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center:  Provides profiles of thousands of jobs in 94 industries.  Invaluable advice on career skills, with thousands of resource entries and more.  College planning section helps plan your education.  Great help on resume writing, cover letters, interview skills, applying to apprenticeships and internships and more.  Links to current job opportunities.  Click here to sign up for a FREE Trial

Religion Resources:

World Religions Online:  Explores religion and spirituality in an unbiased manner, from ceremonies of the first practitioners to the rituals of today. 

Streaming Video Resources:

Classroom Video On Demand (High School version):  This comprehensive, curriculum-focused video subscription collection provides thousands of videos for all departments/subjects.  Content is correlated to state, national, STEM, Common Core standards and included dynamic citations.  Create and share playlists, save favorites to folders and more.  (Also available:  Career & Technical Ed Collection and World Cinema Collection.) 

Learn360 (K-12 content):  A premier digital streaming service for K-12.  Perfect district solution.  Multi-subject videos and multi-media including lesson plans, quizzes, images, activities, worksheets, music tracks, maps, fact sheets, diagrams and more!  Collated to standards, dynamic citations and more.  

Access Video On Demand (Public Library version):  Provides unlimited access to Public Library patrons to thousands of full-length videos and clips on a wide array of subjects including:  Arts & Humanities, Health & Wellness, Science, Mathematics & Technology, Social Sciences, Business & Economics, Home & Family, Travel & Recreation, Careers & Trades, and more! Choose a collection, or subscribe to the complete master collection for community building.  Public performance rights included. 

eBook and eLearning Resources:

eBook Subscription Collection:  Convenient, comprehensive collections of acclaimed eBooks in a range of key subjects (Available collections:  Master Public Library Collection or K12 Master Collection)

eLearning Library:  Provides correlated, cross-curricular classroom resources for Science, History, Health and Careers.   


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