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Professional Development and Training Supporting K12 educators (Infobase Learning Cloud) Educators have always had to stay on top of their field and keep up to date with their skills and knowledge, but since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demands and expectations placed upon them have changed—and grown—at breakneck speed. Online professional development and training can be an essential means of providing educators with the information and tools they need to sharpen their skills, better support their students, and successfully meet challenges.

What Is the Infobase Learning Cloud?
The Infobase Learning Cloud delivers professional development and training solutions designed to meet the unique needs of schools and districts—including college- and career-readiness, student engagement, and changing instructional practices. By providing teachers, staff, and students the resources they need to be confident and successful with unlimited access to our vast digital learning library, you can transform teaching and learning through focused professional development.

Educators Can Earn Professional Development Credit, Get Valuable Training, Utilize Their Own Content, and Assess Learning
Beyond its robust content library, Infobase’s delivery platform provides the ability to upload courses an insti-tution has already built- in order to meet certain initiatives, including adding custom assessments. This new learning delivery platform offers a complete outcome-based learning framework where users can create, manage, distribute, assess, credential, and now advance through their careers.

More than 1,600 courses, including 100,000 videos across 50+ topics:

Our platform is focused on the Educator’s needs and all the content is relevant for teachers, librarians and even students.

It includes courses such as:

  • Social Emotional Learning Essentials
  • Strategies for ELL Instruction
  • Teaching in a virtual classroom and engaging remote teams
  • Using Zoom, Google Meet and all LMS’s
  • Learning Microsoft Office Products
  • Digital Literacy and Citizenship
  • Digital Tools and Technology Integration
  • Whole Child Social-Emotional Learning
  • College and Career Readiness
  • Special Populations
  • Personalized Learning
  • New Teacher Induction and Onboarding
  • School Improvement

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Professional Development and Training (Learning Cloud) is available for 10% off if purchased individually. Infobase also offers 20% off if purchased 3+ new subscriptions of the following Infobase products together: 

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Scott Williams (Public Library)
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Chris Dedrick (Academics)
Phone:  1-800-322-8755 ext. 4205

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