Register for State Aid and Library Network Regulation Listening Sessions


Dear Colleagues,

The New Jersey State Library has embarked upon the process of renewing the regulations that govern Per Capita State Aid and the New Jersey Library Network (of which LibraryLinkNJ is a part). These regulations shape the landscape of libraries and librarianship in New Jersey. All of us who work in libraries throughout the State are affected in some way by Per Capita State Aid and the Library Network. We greatly value your experience and insight, and would like to hear your thoughts about these regulations at two listening sessions in April. Each of the listening sessions will cover both sets of regulations so it is unnecessary to sign up for both sessions.

April 17th – 3:00PM - Register Here

April 18th – 11:00AM - Register Here

Prior to participating in these sessions, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the regulations as they stand now. The text of the regulations can be found at the following links:

Per Capita State Aid

Library Network


Best regards,

Bob Keith

Director of Library Law, State Aid, and Statistics

New Jersey State Library