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Roz Reisner roz [at] Fresh Lit 2012! New and Forthcoming Literary Fiction for Readers and Book Groups, Fresh Lit 2013! New and Forthcoming Literary Fiction for Readers and Book Groups, Fresh Lit 2014! New & Forthcoming Literary Fiction For Readers & Book Groups, Fresh Lit 2015! New & Forthcoming Literary Fiction For Readers & Book Groups, Fresh Lit 2016: New & Forthcoming Literary Fiction Titles For Readers & Book Groups, Fresh Lit! New and Forthcoming Literary Fiction for Adult Readers and Book Groups
Tamara Richman tamara.richman [at] Adventures in Learning: Winning Library Programs that Educate and Entertain, Reader’s Advisory for Youth Services Providers: If You Like…, Ready Reference for Youth Services Providers
Adrienne P. Robertiello Autism Community Relationship Building - Webinar
Amy Rominiecki Advocacy Means Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk, New Evaluations in NJ: Students, Teachers and School Library Media Specialists, Perfect Together: The Common Core State Standards and the Library Media Curriculum
Joanne Roukens jproukens [at] Effective Presentation Skills: Practical Tips for Success, “I Love This Place!” Practical Lessons in Customer Service
Carrie Russell BEYOND COPYRIGHT 101: Everyday & Advanced Copyright Issues in Libraries
Katie Salo simplykatie [at] Storytime...And Beyond!
Beth Saxton saxton.elizabeth [at]
Claire Schmieder cschmieder [at] Library Paparazzi: Next-Level Tips for #LibrariesOfInstagram
Sam Sena Project Management Fundamentals (101), Project Management Series 2018 - Project Management Fundamentals 101
Erin Shea eshea [at] Get With The Program: Revamp & Refresh Your Adult Programming Lineup
Lourdes Tango lourdestango [at] Navigating Our Unconscious: Strategies for Managing Implicit Bias, Cultural Awareness and Intentional Inclusion, Generational Diversity—The Power of Inclusion, Growth Zone™️—The Power of Inclusion
Nick Tanzi AI Ethics: A Library Perspective, LLNJ Winter Meeting 2023, Planning for Artificial Intelligence in a Time of Uncertainty
Morgan Taylor MentorNJ In-Person Networking Event 2019
Lawrence D. Taylor How To Run A Meeting: Parliamentary Studies
Team Builders Plus Why We Click With Some and Clank With Others
Colleen Theisen colleen-theisen [at] Internet Famous: Strategically Marketing Your Special Collections Online
Sarah Bean Thompson greenbeanteenqueen [at] Fresh Lit: Crossovers & Cross-unders in Middle Grade & YA
Jonathan M. Torres Simplify Techniques for Mastering Data Viz: A Fundamental Approach to Learning about Data and Visualization Software
Jessica Trujillo jbmtrujillo [at] Internal Communication Workshop, Leading from the Middle
Karen Vaias kvaias [at] That’s a Great Question! : Reference 101
Krista Valenzuela Navigating the Landscape of Cybersecurity Threats
Kate Vasilik Library Bootcamp - MentorNJ Online Meet-up #1
Jennifer Vinopal Managing A Library Project
Mary Beth Weber Webinar: How to Mentor Others
Hilda Weisburg hildakw [at] How To Be a Building Leader… and Why You Need to Be One, Plan to Succeed or Plan to Fail: Strategic Planning on the Building Level, Tag -- You're It! Becoming Visible and Vital, Teaching with Purpose and Meaning: Essential Questions & Enduring Understandings , Vision and Mission – What Makes You Unique, Growing Your Leadership Skills: Because Leading is a Job Requirement, Classroom Management: Secrets of Success, Getting to Know You: Building Relationships to Create Collaboration
Stephen Wishnack swishnack [at] Customer Service: Words to Use, Words to Lose
Peggy Wong pwong [at] PowerPoint for Lively, Interactive Storytimes
Courtney L. Young MentorNJ In-Person Networking Event 2016
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